Maneuvering Your Merge

The 6 Key Steps to a Successful Merge

Maneuver Your Merge

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Course Outline

Module 1

Map the Big Picture
What’s the big picture.  It’s where you want to go and what you want to achieve.  It’s how you want to use your skills and past achievements to fuel your future.  Essentially it’s your vision.  

Module 2

The 5 W's
do you need to Map your Merge?
What will motivate you to map out your merge?
When you measure your journey how will you decide on your progress?
Who will you take along?
Where will you end up?

Module 3

Etch the End
Define the end of your road map.   This is your final destination.  Your goal or your dream.

Module 4

Reach the Mile Markers
It's important to notice your mile markers.  You reach them as you travel along your journey. You'll recognize your achievements and celebrate those milestones using a rewards based model you build into your merge. 

Module 5

Galvanize the Process
How will you get where you're going?  Following the map seems simple enough but what should monitor along the way.  What's your priority?  Are there aspects less important?  Following your process will help you reach your destination.

Module 6

Erase the Obstacles
Every obstacles cannot be erased, but we can use 2 key techniques to manage challenges:
1.  Prepare for Success
2.  Prepare for Adversity

Module 7

Recognize, Reconsider & Review
Your Merger Plan will require you to stop along the way and spend time recognizing those that are serving you well.  You'll also reconsider things like prioritization, deleting or minimizing aspects of your life that don't serve you well. This review helps with the galvanizing process.

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